Help Joanie McCloud

Joanne Inez McCloud
nee Crutsinger

   This page was set up to financially help Joanie McCloud as she starts a new life after the passing of our dearly departed Jim McCloud.

   As you may or may not know, Jim McCloud passed into a better place on Februray 21st, 2016. Now Joanie is on her own, and her Social Security income of $600.00 a month ($7200 annually) leaves her in dire financial straights, as the home is foreclosed, and she has no savings.

   I am her brother Tim McCloud, and with my sister Mary Kasarda we are raising money for her to pay Jim's final expenses and then supplement her paltry income. Any help you can provide to our family is greatly appreciated, as my sister and I are helping all we can, but we have limited means as well, and there is only so much we can do.

   To that end we have set up a PayPal account in order to accept donations to Joanie, which we will use to pay off Jim's interment expenses and afterwards provide Joanie with continuing assistance.

Pay Pal For Joanie

(this link will take you to the PayPal donation website that I administer on her behalf, or you can use the donate button on the right)

   Finally, if you wish to contact Joanie please use the "contact me" button below, Please give me your contact information, with how you know Joanie and I can provide you her new address and how to contact her.

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Thank you with all our love!

Joanie in her Red Hat!

Jim and Joanie anniversary picture!